Tokyoflash Kisai Space Digits LCD Watch For Those Who Believe in Space Travel

Eklenme Tarihi: May 25, 2013 TIME

I’m the kind of geek that dreams about space travel between galaxies, extraterrestrial life and spaceship faster than the speed of light. So, when my favorite watch manufacturer releases Tokyoflash Kisai Space Digits LCD Watch, I scream in joy. The display was inspired by intergalactic travel, oh yes, a futuristic time display under a mineral crystal lens, don’t be fooled by the awesomeness of the display, reading time is actually really easy. The LCD interface is black which makes vibrant tones of green or gold can be easily read in daylight while at night time, press a button to illuminate the time. Available in 3 different models: black, silver, and gold, you would love the complicated pristine sand-blasted finish on both the case and strap.

Kisai Space Digits is available exclusively from Tokyoflash at a 48 hour limited time release price of $99 (€77, £61) until Thursday December 6th at 4pm (Japan time). The regular price will be $129 (€100, £80).