SXT-A Iron Speed Space Tourism by Oscar Viñals

Eklenme Tarihi: May 25, 2013 SKY

Our friend Oscar Viñals has sent us his latest space tourism project, SXT-A Iron Speed. Let’s hear what he says about this project.

Thanks to technical and technological progress, talk about Space Tourism, Suborbital trips or trip to the moon, is not an impossible journey today. In the XXI century we think about futures achievements as, human missions on Mars, travel “regular” to the orbit of the Moon and Tourist trips to the frontier to space, available to ordinary people even with minimum income standard, it would be just like simple personal adventures.

The SXT-A Iron Speed (Space XTransporter – Advanced) aircraft concept combines three types of propulsion engines in various stages to connect two different locations just like any commercial flight, but with the difference is that with the SXT-A Iron Speed, the passengers or “Space Tourists” could experience a supersonic cruise speed at Mach2, a maximum Hypersonic speed at Mach6 and stay for a few minutes at the border to space at 100km of altitude.