Sunrise Solar Powered Thermal Airship Reduces Operational Costs and Allows You to Enjoy Longer Flight Duration

Eklenme Tarihi: May 20, 2013 DESIGN

Sunrise Solar Powered Thermal Airship has been designed to achieve airborne missions based on low speeds and long flight duration for e.g. observations, expeditions, patrolling, filming or simply for recreational. Compared to Helium, Sunrise offers lower performance however since it utilizes hot-air as its lifting gas, this transportation dramatically reduces operational costs. This airship utilizes sunlight to generate its electricity, the Fresnel lens inside this hot-air balloon concentrates the sunlight to heat up air into a focal point that not only to create buoyancy that generates lift but also to fuel heat-powered Stirling engine for propulsion. Sunrise is equipped with 2-axis sun tracking system that allows for the lens to constantly face the sun.

Designer : Metin Kaplan