Shark Marine Craft Moves Really Fast Just Like A Shark

Eklenme Tarihi: May 27, 2013 OCEAN

Shark marine craft features 3,66 meter body with extraordinary design. It is equipped with 2 Gobler-Hirth motors and pushing propellers. The remarkable design boasts high speed, high quality material as well as optimum flexibility. The overall design doesn’t compromise on safety, stability is one of essential safety aspects when you are on the sea.

During the design and development of Shark marine craft, analytical studies have been conducted on behalf of the department of fluid mechanics at the University of Ghent. The technology in this transportation is based on the “Internal Dynamics” system to confirm the special behavior of Shark. The overall dimensions are 2,99m (W) x 3,66m (L) with 77cm propellers.

Designer : Aguila Design