Mobiado Grand Touch Executive Phone Is Crafted From a Stone Hybrid Material

Eklenme Tarihi: May 27, 2013 DESIGN

Mobiado has announced their latest phone design after long development: Mobiado Grand Touch Executive phone. As usually, this product boasts Mobiado’s uniqueness and creativity, it’s the first phone crafted from a stone hybrid material along with SIM Card mechanism. Mobiado has been known for its skill to design and develop luxury mobile phones that combine art with technology, it’s in Mobiado’s DNA.

If you still remember Mobiado CPT001-CPT003, you’ll know that this project is a realization of their first concept phone that utilizes a hybrid stone material. Mobiado Grand Touch Executive phone is available in 5 different models: granite, marble, burl, cocobolo, and ebony.