Little Explorer for Children to Observe and Explore Marine Ecology

Eklenme Tarihi: May 25, 2013 DESIGN
little explorer_1(決賽修正)

Little Explorer has been specifically designed for children to help them observe and explore the amazing marine ecology. The shape and form of this outdoor toy was inspired by the form of fishing rod, a familiar shape to include children in the discovery and observation sea life in natural environment. They can have fun watching the fish swimming around without harming the environment or creatures within it. Instead of a hook, at the end of fishing line, this device features a small buoy and an underwater camera, children can view underwater life through the screen at the center of the rod.

Just like fishing, children can cast out the line and use the control button to move the camera around. Once the sensors detects a fish is approaching the buoy, it lights up to alarm children to turn on the observation screen. Children can choose to record any underwater video footage using Little Explorer.

Designers : Chen Liao-Hsun, Chen Wei-Ting, Tsai Hui-Jou, Dai Siao-Ying and Chen Jia-Wen