Jaguar XK-I Concept Car by Mudit Gupta

Eklenme Tarihi: May 15, 2013 CAR

Jaguar XK-I was a design study from Mudit Gupta to express his idea of translating the amazing Jaguar, a big cat in Panthera genus, into a car. Let’s read what he says about this project.

The project is called “Jaguar XK-I” where the letter I stands for image, I tried to interpret what is the core value and understanding towards a vehicle when someone calls the name Jaguar.

The theme selected was light and iconic and to develop that I tried to do a light painting experiment with the help of a classic jaguar proportioned mule, which helped me understand the key elements that strike someone when they are told to interpret a jaguar in thin air. Using these key lines and themes the project was developed further.