Gluco Diabetes Management Device by Sam Whipp

Eklenme Tarihi: May 24, 2013 LIFESTYLE

As medical technology advances, it improves our health care treatment as well. Take a look atGluco diabetes management device concept, it’s a wirelessly connected gadget which takes advantage of smartphone connectivity to provide you with better features. Especially designed for young generation (under 25), Gluco helps people with Type 1 Diabetes by understanding and managing their lifestyles to improve their future habits.

Gluco diabetes management device is compact and easy to use, it’s a self sufficient device for an extended period of time. It’s highly portable to allow you to test your blood glucose levels anytime, anywhere in only seconds. For added convenience, you can perform the test using only one hand without interrupting your daily routine. An upward sliding motion prepares both the lancet and dispenses a test strip and within 5 seconds a reading is displayed on the LCD screen.