Free Floating Catamaran Suite : Enjoying Nature Is More Fun From This Mini Eco-Lodge

Eklenme Tarihi: May 27, 2013 OCEAN
20-4-2012, alblasserdam, apecolodge
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Nowadays people prefer to spend their time with their Xbox, Playstation or other gaming devices over outdoor activities. So, Marijn Beije, a Dutch designer, in order to encourage people to get outdoors more often designed and developed Free Floating catamaran suite or a mini eco-lodge. At first, this Free Floating was his graduation project by keeping National Parks in Netherlands in mind, he wanted visitors can enjoy the beauty of this park in fun, easy and comfortable way. Partnered with AP Kremer, a company that uses only sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, the result is sustainable, beautiful and well made eco-lodge.

So, what do you think? These days, nature has to compete with high-tech games and usually it loses the battle. Would you leave your gaming devices for a day and enjoy nature from this Free Floating catamaran suite? We would!