Expand Lifebuoy Concept for Faster and Easier Rescue

Eklenme Tarihi: May 13, 2013 OCEAN

Expand Lifebuoy concept it’s an enhancement from our conventional lifebuoy. It features 4 extendable handles to make rescues easier and faster. Usually when a lifebuoy is thrown out to help someone who is in danger of drowning, it needs more efforts from the victim to grab the lifebuoy, especially when it lands at some distance away. There are times when the victim doesn’t have more strength or ability to swim over it.

Expand Lifebuoy expands itself for larger rescue area. When someone casts it out, the force of the spin releases those 4 handles. These extended handles make the victim to reach lifebuoy easier, number of people rescued at one time can also be increased.


Designers : Min Hao-Siang and Lin Hong-Wei