Dominic Wilcox GPS Shoes Navigate You to Go Home Wherever You Are

Eklenme Tarihi: October 10, 2012 FASHION

Never get lost again with Dominic Wilcox GPS shoes, your shoes will navigate you to go home wherever you are. Pretty cool heh? Dominic Wilcox has developed a fully functional prototype of these shoes, so we have high hope that we can soon wear them around. The designer inspiration came from Wizard of Oz, you know, where Dorothy can click her shoes to get her home just like that.

Simply upload your destination to your shoes using a custom made mapping software and a USB cable. Since the GPS is embedded in the heal, you can activate it by a heal click, simple isn’t it? It will communicate to the wearer via a ring of LED lights to point in the required direction. The shoe which has GPS will wirelessly communicate with the other shoe in order to inform you how close you are to the destination through the progress bar lights. It starts with one red light and ends with green light when you have arrived to your destination. Dominic Wilcox GPS Shoes use mini LED lights because they are visible outdoor in sunlight, it’s a great choice instead of using digital display.

From : Dominic Wilcox