Airocide Air Purifier Eliminates 99% of Ethylene Gas from The Air

Airocide air purifier utilizes technology which was developed by NASA engineers to clean the air virtually 100-percent of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). These harmful gasses are everywhere, most products around your home e...


Future Personal Transportation System for India

With the challenges of global warming and rising fuel crisis, we need an alternative to fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Most Indians are still reluctant to change from fuel powered vehicles to electric one and this action has imp...


Baroo Natural Smoking Pipe by Milad Mohajeri

Baroo natural smoking pipe is an environmentally friendly combination between the straw and Oak, we don’t need to destroy the nature to make something, many times nature gives us the main object. Designer : Milad Mohajeri


The Union Wallet by Madera

Union Wallet combines the elegance and warmth of wood and versatility of elastomer, a slim wallet that you can carry conveniently. This wallet serves its purpose smartly and age gracefully as time goes by, can you say the same...


Perpetuum Mobile Smoking Point System by O + R Architecture & Art Studio

Perpetuum Mobile is a system of mobile smoking point units that proposes an alternative relationship between smokers and non-smokers in open public spaces in the city of Tokyo. The project generates a new platform of social ...


Pupil 104 Computer : A Notebook, A tablet, An E-book Reader in One

Take Education three steps further with Pupil 104, this convertible MG series computer provides a world of new possibilities, with a notebook, a tablet and an e-book reader. All in one machine! The design is based on round edg...


Flexi Sunbed by Peter Vardai

Flexi Sunbed furniture just like its name suggests, it’s a flexible chair that you can transform into 4 different positions. It’s been designed with the main purpose to hold your body in the most comfortable positions in d...


Mores Petitpierre Carbon Fiber Bike for Children

Wooden toys are outdated – the high tech carbon fiber running bike Petitpierre is rolling today. MORES Design has unveiled the Petitpierre, the world’s first running bike made out of carbon fiber. The innovation is not o...


Salon’un Konugu, Album Lansman Konseriyle Koray Candemir

Salon, müzik dünyasının önemli isimlerinin imza attığı albümlerin lansman konserlerine ev sahipliği yapmaya devam ediyor. Rock müziğin başarılı vokalist ve bestecilerinden Koray Candemir, ikinci solo albümü “...


Salon ve Istanbul Tiyatro Festivali’nden “Oyun Salonu”

Salon ve İstanbul Tiyatro Festivali yepyeni bir işbirliğine imza atıyor. Salon ve İstanbul Tiyatro Festivali ekiplerinin ortak çalışmaları sonucunda hayata geçirilen “Oyun Salonu” projesi, tiyatroseverleri 15-25 M...