Brayton 6 Concept Bike by Colby Higgins

Eklenme Tarihi: May 27, 2013 DESIGN

The Brayton 6 concept bike was designed from the inside out in order to create a true high-performance machine. Designed by Colby Higgins, the designer of Train Wreck Bike, you can expect this bike design is going to be extraordinary. The power-to-weight ratio was a critical influence on the design, as you probably can see here, with the purpose of creating an extremely light motorcycle, the bike was built around a combustion “bladder”. The engine bladders are lightweight carbon nanotube cylinders. Each one acts individually like a 2-stroke engine to pull the camshaft and create linear motion. Timing and fuel regulation are controlled by a microcontroller. So, the benefits of utilizing the combustion bladder engine include weight reduction and ease of maintenance. The engine itself is fueled by natural gas stored in the bottom tank.