Airblow 2050 is your futuristic umbrella concept

Eklenme Tarihi: April 1, 2013 FASHION

Airblow 2050 is your futuristic umbrella concept. This project has been designed as part of James Dyson Award based on the idea how unpractical our conventional umbrella is. As you already know, umbrella causes your floor wet, users collision, and turns inside out when strong wind blows. Keeping this in mind, the designer played with the idea what if there’s no fabric? What can we use to protect us from the rain?

Airblow 2050 has been designed based on Dyson’s technology, it utilizes Dyson digital motor to inhales air and blows it out and create invisible protection dome to bounce any water drops. User can open this concept umbrella and turn on the motor to create air dome, pretty cool, isn’t it? One thing for sure, you will not able to use this umbrella to protect you from the sun.

Designer : Quentin Debaene