3rd edition of the “Carrefour de l’air” : Mystere 20 the center of attention

Eklenme Tarihi: March 30, 2013 SKY

The 3rd edition of the Carrefour de l’air conference and exhibition will take place from Friday 29 March to Sunday 31 March, 2013 at the Air and Space Museum (Paris-Le Bourget Airport).

During these three days, the spotlight will focus on our aeronautical heritage, including the Mystere 20 displayed. This historical Dassault Aviation aircraft has been restored by the IT Mercure Association on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Falcon family. In a tribute to the famous pilot Jacqueline Auriol, the colors are the same as those on the aircraft that beat the world record over 1,000 km in 1965.

Friday is devoted to a conference on conservation, collection and promotion of our aeronautical heritage. It will provide an opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts to discuss reverse engineering of technical objects using IT tools or the presence of museums on the Internet. On Saturday visitors will be able to admire 26 collectors’ aircraft from all over Europe.

For the duration of the weekend the Carrefour de l’air will also feature an exhibition on our aeronautical heritage, as well as meetings with numerous collectors and associations in attendance.