2025 Fiat Prime City Car by Joshua Shercliff

Eklenme Tarihi: May 22, 2013 CAR

The Fiat Prime 2025 city car is a look into creating a sports car/ pod hybrid. Designed by Josh Shercliff, a transportation design student at Staffordshire University. The Fiat Prime is a single seater with room for shopping in the boot, and all the necessary components. This would give a very closed in feel, which is negated by an all around glass canopy, sectioned into 7 distinct pieces. This allows the driver to make use of windows on both sides or a shift sunroof. The roof line is extremely low to give the user the experience of driving a sports car, although this would create a difficulty to enter and exit the car, but this issue is resolved by having the roof as part of the door system, with the click of the button the roof slides back behind the car while the doors open in a reverse scissor action.